“Distance is a lifesaver…and I don’t mean just physical distance.”

Full Name: Stellan
First Appearance: Prologue (Chapter Zero)
Nickname(s): “Staniel Brighton”
Age: 17?
Kintype: Canikin Cerebral
Occupation: Sellshade

Despite his kintype, Stellan is a member of the Umbranity, an organization composed of Nocturkin spies, assassins, and warriors (called sellshades) hired to handle scandalous, murderous, or otherwise dirty deeds for those who do not wish to do so themselves. He has recently been hired to track down Saffyre Bloodflame, a fire-wielding weapon thought to have died with the Canikin War. Stellan is a master of deception and, though not a Nocturkin himself, able to move through the shadows as well as any of his Umbrothers.


Full Name: Jackson Dimstorm
First Appearance: Prologue (Chapter Zero) (Mentioned)
Nickname(s): Jack, Jack-o
Age: 29
Kintype: Aerodrakin
Occupation: Construction Worker

Not much is known about Jack by the locals aside from observations made from a safe distance: He regularly smokes cigarettes, works contract construction jobs around town, and makes a point of not wanting any company. A man of few words, he relies on his large physique and piercing expressions to do most of the talking for him. Despite his cold, antisocial behavior, he does have a warmer side, shown only to his adopted daughter, Dewdrop. That compassion, however, is not without a fatherly sense of protection, so any and all threats to her health and happiness will be met with more than just words. He is presumably Saffyre Bloodflame and Stellan’s target during his Harbordell mission.

“I may be mute, but I know how to speak my mind.”

Full Name: Dewdrop Dimstorm
First Appearance: Prologue (Chapter Zero) (Mentioned)
Nickname(s): Dew
Age: 17
Kintype: Hydrocanikin
Occupation: Student

Dewdrop lives a fairly quiet, normal life with her adoptive father, Jack. She attends Harbordell Tertiary Academy, the town’s public high school, as a Grade 3 student (the equivalent of a high school senior). Due to a traumatic accident in her childhood, she is mute; as such, she is generally seen as a shy girl. She is, however, far from it, always happy to approach others despite the “language barrier.” Her compassion and selflessness make her a force with which to be reckoned, unafraid of adversity when it means defending the weak and meek. Her love of all things and drive for equality stem from her respect and admiration for pop culture icon, Dante Pacifica. She can be seen always wearing a seashell hair clip, one of the few trinkets from her life prior to moving to Harbordell.

“I ship them so hard.”

Full Name: Winter North
First Appearance: Chapter One
Nickname(s): Winnie
Age: 18
Kintype: Cryocanikin
Occupation: Student

Winnie was raised in an orphanage in Norlandy the first half of her life. Due to her strict upbringing by nuns, she has a bit of a rebellious side, a trait that led to her adoption by Casey. The second half of her life has been spent in Harbordell, where she lives to this day. When Dewdrop and Jack moved into town, Winnie connected with Dewdrop immediately, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. She has a small crush on Jack, though takes more interest in others’ love lives than her own. She is constantly bullied regarding her weight but easily brushes off these remarks, knowing she is loved by those who matter, regardless of her size.

“I’m nothing special. But my friends disagree. And my sisters. So, I guess they’re right. I am special, for having friends and family like them standing up for me.”

Full Name: Wade Finnigan
First Appearance: Chapter One
Nickname(s): Finn, Blubber Boy, Fishflake, Small Fry, Rainbow Trout, Admiral Nosebleed, …
Age: 15
Kintype: Merkin
Occupation: Student

Though orphaned at a young age, Wade is no stranger to what it’s like having overprotective parents – six of them, to be exact. His half-dozen half-sisters ensure that Wade, as the youngest in the family, gets all the parenting he needs and then some. Bullied in school, his naturally fearful demeanor prevents him from standing up for himself in the moment, which typically results in frustrated bouts of heavy stress-eating. He possesses a natural talent for fixing things, particularly of a mechanical nature, and dreams of one day working for Esco. He’s also very prone to nosebleeds, especially when he’s flustered and worked up; as such, he tends to always have a pack of tissues on hand.

“Move over, fives; a ten is coming through.”

Full Name: Ambrose Blackburn
First Appearance: Chapter One
Nickname(s): Ace
Age: 19
Kintype: Pyrocanikin
Occupation: Student

Ace and his mother have been residents of Harbordell since he was four years old. He has never known his birth father, nor does he ever care to. With his caustic tongue and aggressive personality, Ace is the alpha male at HTA – when it comes to bullying, that is. He is quick to judge and even quicker to harass, sniffing out the weakest in the school and teasing them to tears. When he isn’t taking classes and making others cry, he can be found in his bedroom blasting music and playing along on a drum set.