Quick Guide to Kintypes

What is a Kintype?

Kintype is the term used to identify an individual’s race, element, or combination of both. Everyone in Novaedia has a kintype, even if they have no elemental powers.

Racial Kintypes

Novaedia is inhabited by nine races (as follows in alphabetical order):

  • Canikin – A race with canine attributes
  • Chitikin – A race with insect-like attributes
  • Drakin – A race with reptilian attributes
  • Humakin – Essentially, humans
  • Kerakin – A race with hoofed animal attributes
  • Lillikin – A race with rodent-like attributes
  • Maukin – A race with feline attributes
  • Merkin – A race with marine animal attributes
  • Pterokin – A race with avian attributes

There is an unofficial tenth race, called Aethyrians, composed of spectral beings – essentially, ghosts. Though the stuff of pseudoscience in our reality, they are very much real in Novaedia and treated as any other race.

Elemental Kintypes

Some individuals are able to harness the powers of certain elements. Those individuals, depending on their element, are classified into eight elemental kintypes (as follows in alphabetical order):

  • Aerokin – Those with air/wind-based abilities
  • Alloykin – Those with metal-based abilities
  • Cryokin – Those with ice-based abilities
  • Florakin – Those with plant-based abilities
  • Hydrokin – Those with water-based abilities
  • Pyrokin – Those with fire-based abilities
  • Terrakin – Those with earth/stone-based abilities
  • Volkin – Those with lightning/electricity-based abilities

Elemental powers have restrictions in some races. For example, Canikin are able to wield any of the eight elements, whereas Humakin cannot wield any elements. (An individual with no elemental kintype is classified as a Dormakin.)

Kintype Combinations

Once both racial and elemental kintypes are identified, an individual can then be classified by combining the two into one word. For example, a Canikin with Hydrokin abilities is condensed to Hydrocanikin, whereas a Drakin with Pyrokin abilities is condensed to Pyrodrakin.

Outlier Elements

There are four “outlier” elements, or elements not considered part of the base eight…but we can get into those at a later time!