Welcome to the preorder event page for Creepurrs, a set of illustrations combining cats with all things supernatural! First off, thank you so much for supporting my little project! Your preorder amount will go toward funding the production of these designs as stickers. In return, you will receive lower prices than what they’ll be priced at for the general public. On top of that, you will receive a surprise bonus for preorder supporters only!

The Creepurrs

The following five designs are the set for Series One: Grimalloween! Each sticker in this series features a real-life cat breed fused with a Halloween classic to bring you an adorably spooky design!

*Note: The images below are the proofs for each design; as such, please be aware that colors may differ slightly in the final printed product.


  • Breed: American Shorthair + Jack’o’Lantern
  • Size: 3.5″ x 3″
  • Effect: Holographic background and spirit flame
  • Regular Price: $5.00
  • Your Preorder Price: $3.00


  • Breed: Scottish Fold + Ghost
  • Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Effect: Holographic background and spirit flame
  • Regular Price: $5.00
  • Your Preorder Price: $3.00


  • Breed: Bombay + Witch
  • Size: 3.5″ x 3″
  • Effect: Glitter background
  • Regular Price: $5.00
  • Your Preorder Price: $3.00


  • Breed: Turkish Van + Vampire
  • Size: 3.5″ x 3.2″
  • Effect: Glow-in-the-dark elements
  • Regular Price: $6.00
  • Your Preorder Price: $4.00


  • Breed: Lykoi + Werewolf
  • Size: 3.3″ x 3.5″
  • Effect: Glow-in-the-dark elements
  • Regular Price: $6.00
  • Your Preorder Price: $4.00


Production of stickers is a fairly quick process; however, here is the general timeline for this project:

  • Preorder Campaign active: Now until July 29 (2 weeks)
  • Production begins: July 30
  • Production Time (including shipping to artist): ~10 business days
  • Artist receives stickers: August 11-14
  • Artist quality-checks and packs stickers: August 12-16
  • Artist ships packages: August 14-18
  • Shipping to customers: 3-5 days (for domestic)

Given this timeline, you can expect to have your stickers in hand and ready to haunt your water bottle (or other object of choice) as early as August 23! However, please bear in mind these are all estimates and unforeseen events may arise that create production, QC, packing, and/or shipping delays.

Packaging and Shipping

Once the stickers are received, they will be checked for quality and packaged according to your order. All stickers in your order will be placed in a clear bag. All items in your order will be placed in a 4″ x 6″ bubble mailer for extra protection and will include a piece of matting board to prevent bending and folding of your product during shipping and handling by the postal service.

Shipping prices start at $3.50 (domestic) and will vary depending on your shipping address. An exact price will be included in your invoice and added to your preorder total. Once your order is shipped, you will be sent a tracking number for your order.

Invoicing and Payment

All invoices will be sent via PayPal to the email address provided in this form. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice; simply click the View and Pay Invoice link within the email, and click Pay with Debit or Credit Card. Please note that invoices not paid within 3 days of receipt will be canceled, so keep an eye on your email!

Preorder Form

Please fill out the following fields, and please address each field in full detail to avoid any delays with processing your order!

Note: As you make your selections below, please be aware that each design will be limited to one per preorder (for example, you cannot request to pay for three Gourdon stickers).

Please select the sticker(s) you want to add to your order!

You have reached the end of the form! After clicking Submit, I will send over an invoice with your order total (including shipping calculation based on the address provided); please allow up to 48 hours for your invoice to appear, and please double-check the invoice is not sent to your spam or junk folder!

Thank you so much for supporting independent artists and small businesses!!