“I’m nothing special. But my friends disagree. And my sisters. So, I guess they’re right. I am special, for having friends and family like them standing up for me.”

Full Name: Wade Finnigan
Nickname(s): Finn, Bulb Boy, Blubber Boy, Fishflake, Small Fry, Rainbow Trout, Bottom Feeder, Deep-sea Deepthroat, Admiral Nosebleed, …
Age: 15
Birthday: 22 Diszember
Kintype: Merkin
Nationality: Meridian
Language(s): Centrish, Meridian
Height: 5’3″
Build: Chubby
Occupation: Tertiary Student, Grade 1

Personality: If there are two things that define Wade, they’re his heart of gold and iron stomach. He is the textbook “little guy,” whom Dewdrop and Winnie are always defending from teasing remarks and bullying attempts at school. His naturally fearful demeanor prevents him from standing up for himself in the moment, which typically results in frustrated bouts of heavy stress-eating after the fact. Having been raised in a predominantly female home, Wade has a sensitive side but isn’t overly effeminate. As such, he has very few, if any, male friends, getting along much more swimmingly with the opposite sex. He possesses a natural talent for fixing things, particularly of a mechanical nature, and dreams of one day working for Esco.

Bio: Though orphaned at a young age, Wade is no stranger to what it’s like having overprotective parents – six of them, to be exact. His half-dozen half-sisters ensure that Wade, as the youngest in the family, gets all the parenting he needs and then some. Shortly after their father’s death, the seven of them moved from Alluna to Centralia when Wade was still very little, so he claims to basically be a native of Harbordell. Even though he was born in Alluna and Meridian was his first language, he bears no accent when speaking Centrish and claims that he is “no longer fluent in Meridian but knows enough to be able to survive in country.”

Wade is very prone to nosebleeds, especially when he’s flustered and worked up; as such, he tends to always have a pack of tissues on hand.

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