“Ya gotta reach for your dreams to make them come true, ‘cuz no one else can grab them but you. …hey, I just realized that rhymes! That’s totally going in my next song!”

Full Name: Paolo Mikapolis
Nickname(s): Pawl
Age: 22
Birthday: 20 Ney
Kintype: Dormaukin
Nationality: Meridian (Allunarian)
Language(s): Centrish, Meridian
Height: 5’10”
Build: Lean
Occupation: Pop Star

Personality: Believing himself the best thing to hit the music scene since Dante Pacifica, Pawl emits a palpable aura of self-pride bordering on narcissism. Though the few who get to know him offstage can only take him in small doses, several of his fans appreciate how his popstar persona does not deviate far from his real self and, unlike most other artists in the industry, he can always be taken at face value. Despite walking the thin line between arrogance and self-confidence, he does possess an ambition and drive that’s almost infectious, pushing others to reach for their dreams, fight for their beliefs, and never give up.

Bio: Pawl grew up in the slums of Meridia’s capital city, working odd jobs alongside his dad to make ends meet. He always loved music but couldn’t afford lessons for proper training. As a result, he taught himself to sing and play guitar, writing his own songs and performing on street corners and during festivals to gain exposure (and tips).

During his late teens, he was finally discovered by Pacifica Records, a subsidiary of Pacificorp, and offered a recording contract. He has been performing ever since, releasing several albums and touring all of Novaedia, earning him a spot as one of the world’s most popular contemporary artists for his unique sound, relatable lyrics, and over-the-top creativity.