Full Name: Morellowyn MacSeoin
Pronounced:</strong more-ELL-oh-win mac-SHOWN
Nickname(s): Mori (MORE-ee), Mama Mori
Age: 44
Birthday: 7 Theanuary
Kintype: Florakerakin
Nationality: Norlander
Language(s): Centrish, Norlandic
Height: 5’7″
Build: Rotund
Occupation: Herbalist

Personality: Gentle, caring, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Mori firmly believes in being kind to all who come into her life. Despite her Florakin biology, she does have a fiery side and will fight for those being treated unjustly. She also has no problem voicing her opinion.

Bio: Mori comes from a long and strong line of healers and druids from the North. Proud of her bloodline and heritage, she followed in her ancestors’ footsteps, learning the ways of herbology and natural healing. She and her best friend, a Floralillikin named Sasuni, were both volunteer nurses in the war and stationed at the same military hospital. It was there that Mori met Birogan MacSeoin, a Terrakerakin footsoldier and her future husband. Shortly after Mori and Birogan’s marriage, Sasuni and her own military husband had a baby girl whom they named Jailani. As lifelong friends, Sasuni asked that Mori be her daughter’s godmother, to which Mori happily agreed.

While Mori and Birogan did not see much of the war after his injury, Sasuni and her husband continued to provide assistance when needed, and they were ultimately casualties of war. Mori and Birogan, as the godparents of Jailani, adopted her without question, raising her under the mantra of peace, love, and kindness to all. Despite being her adopted mother, Mori considered Jailani her own flesh and blood and, thus, taught her the healing ways of her ancestors.

Even though Mori only adopted Jailani and had no biological offspring of her own, all the children (and even some younger adults) have come to call her “Mama Mori” due to her compassionate, caring nature and having patched up all their scrapes and bumps over the years. She currently resides in Havens Cliffe, where she works in the healthcare clinic.