“Even if I still had my wings, I can’t ever fly with my angels. Not after everything I’ve done.”

Full Name: William Drake
Pronounced: WILL-yum DRAYK
Nickname(s): Liam (LEE-um), Bloodbolt
Age: 35
Birthday: 7 Rhazust
Kintype: Voldrakin
Nationality: Norlander
Language(s): Centrish, Norlandic
Height: 6’1″
Build: Lean
Occupation: Pub Owner, Vintner

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Liam owns a plot of land on the outskirts of ____, upon which he resides in a two-story home and maintains a small vineyard. Not only does he make and sell his own wine, but he also runs a pub in the evenings out of the first level of his home, reserving the second level for his living quarters. His alcohol-driven endeavors are registered with the Centralian Business Bureau under the business name Trinity Vinepub, named so in honor of his late wife and two children.

From the three types of grapes he grows in his vineyard, he vints three types of wine under the brand name “Three Angels”—a red that he calls “Kissin’ Kate,” a rosé that he calls “Lindsay’s Laugh,” and a white he simply calls “Innocent.” Some locals have spread the macabre rumor that his family is actually buried under the vineyard, and, thus, he named the wines after them because their bodies literally fertilized the grapes.

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