“Hi! So nice to meet you! I’m Jailani—Jay for short. I run the Gardens here at the Hollow, making sure the plant life is healthy and happy, ‘cuz if the plant life isn’t healthy and happy, then neither are the people who come to enjoy its natural beauty and charm! Speaking of natural beauty and charm, have you met Renton?”

Full Name: Jailani Burrows
Pronounced: jye-LAH-nee BURR-ohs
Nickname(s): Jay (JAY), Little Lop
Age: 15
Birthday: 10 Shaepril
Kintype: Floralillikin
Nationality: Samo Jamaian (Filian)
Language(s): Centrish, Norlandic
Height: 5’1″
Build: Curvy
Occupation: Gardener

Jailani is a naturally compassionate and willingly helpful young lady, showing kindness to both plants and people alike. Though she is small, what she lacks in stature she makes up for in speech, always talking to and asking questions of others as though her very life depended on it. Some have come to feel a bit uncomfortable from her assertive nature, but she only intends to ensure no one ever feels left out.

It’s no secret to anyone that she has a HUGE crush on Renton. One of the first questions out of her mouth when meeting newcomers is typically whether they’ve met him yet and agree that he’s “really hot, and not just ‘cuz he’s a Pyrokin.”

Jailani was raised at Havens Cliffe for the majority of her childhood, leading a very simple and quiet life alongside her adoptive parents, Biro and Mori MacSeoin. At 10 years of age, she moved to Havens Hollow after her Uncle Airkh sent out a Havens-wide request for Florakin volunteers to assist with diminishing crop shortages. Jailani jumped at the opportunity, permitted to relocate by Mori and Biro only because she would be under Airkh’s direct care, given that Biro’s debilitating war injuries made it impossible for him to travel far distances so that he and Mori could join their daughter.

She now resides in Havens Hollow and has gone from assisting with crop shortages to solely maintaining the Hollow’s recreational park—simply called the Gardens—at just fifteen years of age.

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