Full Name: Jackson Dimstorm
Nickname(s): Jack, Jack-o
Age: 29
Birthday: 12 Grimuly
Kintype: Aerodrakin
Nationality: Unknown
Language(s): Centrish
Height: 6’2″
Build: Muscular
Occupation: Construction Worker

Personality: A man of few words, Jack relies on his large physique and piercing expressions to do most of the talking for him. Despite his cold, antisocial behavior, he does have a warmer side, shown only to his adopted daughter, Dewdrop. That compassion, however, is not without a fatherly sense of protection, so any and all threats to her health and happiness will be met with more than just words.

Biography: Jack came to Harbordell five years ago with his young ward, Dewdrop, following a tragedy that left her orphaned and mute. Not much is known about him by the locals aside from observations made from a safe distance: He regularly smokes cigarettes, works contract construction jobs around town, and makes a point of not wanting any company. Anything prior to his life as Dewdrop’s caretaker remains a mystery, even to Dewdrop. The only thing anyone knows about his past is that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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