“I may be mute, but I know how to speak my mind.”

Full Name: Dewdrop Dimstorm
Nickname(s): Dew
Age: 17
Birthday: 15 Fabreyary
Kintype: Hydrocanikin
Nationality: Centralian
Language(s): Centrish
Height: 5’4″
Build: Lean
Occupation: Tertiary Student, Grade 3

Personality: Because of her inability to speak, Dewdrop is generally seen as a shy girl; she is, however, far from it, always happy to approach others despite the “language barrier.” She is a pacifist at heart, never willing to raise a hand against anyone despite occasionally being bullied at school.

Biography: Dewdrop lives a fairly quiet and normal life with her adoptive father, Jack. She attends Harbordell Tertiary Academy, the town’s public high school, as a Grade 3 student (the equivalent of a high school senior) and is part of the school’s swim team and wind ensemble. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, reading, and listening to music, particularly that of her idol, the late pop star and philanthropist, Dante Pacifica.

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