“Your miasma is so palpable that it makes me want to shower for eternity.”

Full Name: Denzel
Nickname(s): Dennis, Zel
Age: 12
Birthday: 11 Cerektober
Kintype: Nocturcanikin
Nationality: Centralian
Language(s): Centrish
Height: 4′ 10″
Build: Lean and lanky
Occupation: Contractor

Personality: Extremely adaptive and a fast learner, Denzel possesses a multitude of talents and quite an expansive knowledge for one his age. His strongest talent, however, would have to be cleaning, and he is often found idly sweeping, scrubbing, and scouring his surroundings. One could say that he suffers from rupophobia (fear of filth) and mysophobia (fear of germs); however, he expresses these fears less through common symptoms like panic, sweating, and nausea and more through excessive sanitation and sterilization as well as angrily patronizing those who do not practice better hygiene and/or routine cleanliness.

Biography: Like Stellan, Denzel is a member of the Brotherhood of Night. Despite his young age, he completes jobs just as well, if not better, than most of the adult contractors. Not much is known about Denzel, given he enjoys his solitude almost as much as he enjoys a clean environment.

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