Full Name: Birogan MacSeoin
Pronounced: BEER-oh-gone mac-SHOWN
Nickname(s): Biro
Age: 45
Birthday: 22 Fabreyary
Kintype: Terrakerakin
Nationality: Norlander
Language(s): Centrish, Norlandic
Height: 6’5″
Build: Rotund
Occupation: Cook


The MacSeoins have always been a family of proud defenders and soldiers. Growing up on the stories of his ancestors’ adventures and conquests, Biro strove to be as great as them. He—along with his cousin and best friend, Airk—joined the Northern military immediately upon coming of age.

Shortly into their training, the war began, and they were both expedited to the front lines when ready. During a particularly bloody battle, both were gravely injured and, thus, transferred to the nearby military hospital. It was there that both met Mori, who was charged with their care. Airk’s injuries left him with a missing eye, but he was quickly discharged from the hospital and sent back into the fray; Biro’s injuries, unfortunately, took much longer to heal and left him not only unfit to return to the war front but also permanently disabled. He continued to remain under Mori’s care and, immediately upon his discharge from the hospital, began courting her. The two were married just months later.

Not long after their marriage, Biro and Mori were asked to be the godparents of Jailani, the daughter of Mori’s best friend. Though Biro was nothing more than an acquaintance to Jailani’s parents, he warmed up rather quickly to her—so much so that, upon the death of Jailani’s parents, he agreed to adopt her without hesitation.

Though his war injuries have left him permanently incapable of intense or prolonged physical activity, Biro finds solace in cooking and, over the years, has become quite the chef. Combining what he has learned of herbology from Mori with his own culinary discoveries, he strives to create dishes that are both delicious and healthy, turning the kitchens of Havens Cliffe into a dining delight for residents and staff alike.

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