“Look out, fives; a ten is coming through.”

Full Name: Ambrose Blackburn
Nickname(s): Ace
Age: 19
Birthday: 3 Shaepril
Kintype: Pyrocanikin
Nationality: Centralian
Language(s): Centrish
Height: 6’0″
Build: Lean
Occupation: Tertiary Student, Grade 3

Personality: With his caustic tongue and aggressive personality, Ace is the alpha male at HTA – when it comes to bullying, that is. He is quick to judge and even quicker to harass, sniffing out the weakest in the school and teasing them to tears. Rarely does anyone ever stand up to his teasing, given that he is older than the average Grade 3 student. He is the epitome of the rebellious teen, complete with dyed faux hawk, piercings and gauges, and a general disregard for authority.

Biography: Ace and his mother have been residents of Harbordell since he was four years old. He has never known his birth father, nor does he ever care to. When he isn’t taking classes and making others cry, he can be found in his room blasting music and playing along on a drum set.

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