Psykin are beings that possess psychic abilities. All Psykin possess a shiny red growth, called a mindseye, on their heads, the location of which determines a Psykin’s specific abilities, as it taps into and enhances the functions tied to a particular lobe of the brain.


Gypsykin is a collective term for Psykin who illegally maintain their powers – that is, they avoid the mandatory, government-ruled reporting of their abilities to have them either suppressed or removed. As a result, many of these clans live in the more remote areas of the world, such as the mountains of Norlandy and Vyssia and the deserts of Gharba. New parents to Psykin will typically join these clans, regardless of the state of their own powers, to avoid their children having their powers stripped. Powers are stripped via a surgical process in which their mindseyes are either permanently damaged or completely extracted.


These Psykin are considered the most dangerous, as they are able to control the minds and, thus, actions of anyone they physically touch. Their mindseyes are the easiest to spot, as they are located right on the forehead; as such, citizens of countries where Psykin are illegal are asked to report any sightings of a Frontal Psykin immediately.

Frontals are given no choice in whether their powers are suppressed or removed; all have their powers removed completely and as soon as possible. Most cases of mothers going missing with their Psykin children are due to their children being born Frontals.


These Psykin are the second most dangerous, as they are able to move objects with their minds, to include their own bodies to imitate flight. Their mindseyes are located on the tops of their heads, so are a bit harder to see if the Parietal in question is particularly tall or has thick hair. Like with Frontals, citizens are also asked to immediately report any sightings of Parietal Psykin.

Unlike Frontals, Parietals are given a choice as to whether or not their powers are suppressed or removed – that is, they can keep their powers intact, to a degree, if they swear allegiance to their country and commit themselves to the well-being of the nation. Parietals also must willingly report their abilities in order to receive this choice.


These Psykin are not necessarily dangerous but are still considered a threat in the way of privacy, given they can see through physical objects. They are also able to recognize others’ souls if they have met them before. In addition to these mortal-realm abilities, they are also able to see into Etherea, the interdimension in which Ethereals wander unseen among mortals.

Their mindseyes are located at the very backs of their heads, at the bases of their skulls; thus, like Parietals, their mindseyes are difficult to spot if they sport longer, thicker hair. Occipitals are offered the choice to have their powers suppressed or removed if they report themselves; those who are reported by others have their powers removed as punishment for breaking the law.


Like Occipitals, Temporals are not necessarily dangerous except when it comes to privacy, given that they can read thoughts. However, most Temporals must hold direct eye contact with or physically touch an individual in order to clearly hear the thoughts.

Temporals are also able to view memories, which always requires physical contact with an individual’s head to perform successfully, and must create a closed circuit with the individual’s temples. The individual must also be conscious, as the dream state will interfere with a clear viewing. As if memory-viewing isn’t tricky enough, it also allows the individual being viewed to see these memories in tandem and more vividly, which can lead to adverse reactions. It also has the potential to resurface suppressed, unwanted memories that can cause a psychotic breakdown and permanent mental damage.

Their mindseyes are smaller than usual and come in pairs – one located behind each ear. Like Occipitals, they are offered the choice to have their powers suppressed or removed if they report themselves; those who are reported by others have their powers removed as punishment for breaking the law.