Con Application Portfolio

Greetings, and thank you for considering me as a vendor at your event!

A little bit about myself: My name is Sari, and I have been an artist for 20+ years. By day, I work for a large software company as a Senior Technical Writer, Editor, and Media Designer; by evening, I tend to my hubby, 2-year-old son, and 3 fur babies. And by night, I settle into my couch, turn on my tablet and the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and let the day’s pent-up creativity spill onto my digital canvas.

I have sold my work at many cons since 2012, with a style and offerings that appeal to a wide audience. I have also sold in several cons’ Art Shows, with all of my submissions selling and several going to voice auction. Below please find some samples of my print work and other merch designs over the years.

My commission work covers a wide variety of forms, from badges, to portraits, to illustrations, and reference sheets for character commissions. Below are a few examples of my commission work over the years, but please click here if you would like to view more examples!

Brand Recognition and Marketing

Having done a 2-year stint in the Marketing department of my current company, which taught me much about branding and design, I pride myself on not only the quality of my work but also the quality of my presentation. All of my packaging is designed, printed, and assembled by me, piece by piece, bag by bag. The quality and attention to detail in my overall presentation has impressed many a congoer, some even going so far as to say my branding was the strongest and most cohesive at said convention.

I have spent countless years fine-tuning my branding to create a business that congoers can trust. In a world where several congoers are wary of commissioning artists due to how easily artists can “ghost” a commissioner, I am constantly updating my branding to show potential commissioners my professionalism and dedication from the start.

Below please find some examples of my packaging designs for my merchandise as well as photos of my booth at past conventions.

Convention Attendance

Since instating my LLC in 2012, I have sold at several cons in the past 10+ years, all of which have proven very successful for both me as a business and, more importantly, attendees as satisfied customers, lending to their overall con enjoyment. Below is a list of all my previously attended cons:

  • 2012: Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA)
  • 2013: FWA, Denver Comic Con (DCC), Rocky Mountain Fur Con (RMFC)
  • 2014: FWA, DCC, RMFC
  • 2015: Texas Furry Fiesta (TFF), FWA, DCC, RMFC, Running of the Leaves
  • 2016: Colorado Anime Fest, GalaxyFest (GF), TFF, FWA, Biggest Little Fur Con, DCC, RMFC, Tacticon, Mini Comic Con
  • 2017: Nerdageddon, GF, FWA, DCC, Colorado Springs Comic Con (CSCC), Mini Comic Con
  • 2018: DCC, DenFur, CSCC
  • 2019: DCC, DenFur, CSCC
  • 2020: AnthroExpo (AnEx)
    • (1.5 year hiatus following AnEx due to COVID-19 pandemic and baby boy <3)
  • 2021: DenFur
  • 2022: AnEx, PantherCon, DenFur, Fort Collins Comic Con, CatFest
  • 2023: AnEx, Unicorn Festival, Spring CatFest, Fall CatFest

Business and Legal Information

Here is the not-as-fun but just-as-important part of this application! I hold a small business license (LLC) for my artwork in the state of Colorado, with an active sales tax license with the Colorado Department of Revenue as well as a status of Good Standing with the Secretary of State. Click here to see my small business’ summary on the Colorado Secretary of State website.

That’s the end of my application portfolio! Thank you again for your consideration, and I look forward to your verdict!